Ever have a song stuck in your head?

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I woke up this morning with ‘Where I Find My Heaven‘ by the Gigolo Aunts stuck in my head, but alas didn’t have the song on my Ipod.

I quickly googled the lyrics on my lovely HTC Hero & found that the first line summed up the morning rather well – ‘Hey Monday mornin’ is only for the brave’.  Certainly bloody is, my car was hidden below lots of ice and scraping ice off my car at 7 on a pitch black, cold morning is a rude awakening from a lovely Christmas and New Years slumber.

A line in the second verse caught my eye as well: ‘And the sacred moments of sillyness are Where I find my heaven’ – reminded me of the delights of working with Vicky & @Looplah at Attraction World a few years ago.  ‘Sacred moments of sillyness’ indeed!

As soon as I got home I picked up the Gigolo Aunts album.

11 responses to “Ever have a song stuck in your head?”

  1. LauraNo Gravatar says:

    Monday morning would have been much more fun if you and Vicky had been with me!!

    I know, let’s all work together again, maybe then my designs would actually look the same on a website as they do my psd!!

  2. Steven NashNo Gravatar says:

    awww, I’m sure we will one day, do we invite Barnsley though? 😛

  3. LauraNo Gravatar says:

    hmmmm only if he behaves and has no objection to us calling him names!

  4. Steven NashNo Gravatar says:

    actually speaking about having a song stuck in your head… ‘I like small speakers, I like tall speakers…’ hahahaha

  5. Steven NashNo Gravatar says:

    Pierre was born be teased mercilessly.
    I wonder if I add in this pointless extra sentence it will clear my CSS bug?

  6. Vicky FultonNo Gravatar says:

    We did indeed have our fair share of silliness – mainly at Pierre’s expense but he did bring it on himself quite frankly. One man – so many names: Safari Pete, Lego Hair and, my personal favourite, “Mardy Barnsley and his courduroy jacket of doom”.

    And enough with quoting Sir Cliff, you git.

  7. Steven NashNo Gravatar says:

    what we have above is a styling problem. Don’t drink and restructure a wordpress CSS file kids!

  8. LauraNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t forget Cinderella… LOL

  9. Vicky FultonNo Gravatar says:

    I’m drinking JD and red bull because “I’m haaaaaaaaaard”

    Oh, I miss you and Laura!

    Memories, we need more memories….and boooooooze.

  10. Vicky FultonNo Gravatar says:

    I think it’s my posts that are causing problems you know, sorry. Yes, Cinderella Barnsley, that was CLASSIC!

  11. Alex RossNo Gravatar says:

    Ha – great song! Only know it from the theme tune to Game On mind, a great sitcom. 🙂

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