Christmas is over

Christmas is over, I’m a bit bored and I still have the remaining sniffles of a cold that flared up on Christmas Day (it didn’t put me in a very good mood!). I’ve got a few books to start reading – His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman (haven’t seen the film of the first book yet – I’ve heard some pretty awful reviews by critics and friends alike). I’ve also picked up Britain’s Everyday Heroes by Gordon Brown which is quite an interesting read so far, and as I love horror so much – I picked up The Devil Rides Out and The Exorcist. God only knows when I’ll get through that lot.

My friend Pete told me recently about a friend of his who bought lots of books regularly and had worked out that at the rate that he bought them he wouldn’t read them all in his lifetime. He then decided that it would be perfectly fine as he was planning on living forever. Good plan!

Picked up the Tarantino and Indiana Jones boxsets as well – classic films.

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